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Redcliffe Construction Ltd is a ‘sister’ company to our well established Garden Landscaping company ‘Redcliffe Landscape Gardeners’. Through the landscaping business we have successfully constructed over 30 Garden rooms in the past few years, and with numbers continuing to increase as well as other building/construction projects, natural progression was for us to divide the business’s thus enabling each business to concentrate fully on its specialised sector.

With the businesses now separated, we have teamed up with a local firm who specialise in the manufacturing of SIPs panels and buildings, this has enabled us to evolve the business further by adding a SIPs constructed product to our offering – which in itself brings with it all sorts of eco/sustainability credentials, as well as incredible flexibility.

We continue to operate both business’s from the same site: Redcliffe Garden Centre in New Milton, as this gives us an unrivalled platform from which we can showcase much of our product(s).

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